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Herb Linen Tablecloth

Bring the garden to the table with this gorgeous herb garden patterned linen tablecloth. Chive, rosemary, thyme, parsley, cucamelon, asparagus, citrus, verbena, mint, limetree, lavender, and passiflora intertwine all in a free flowing, organic pattern.Β 

Materials | 100% Linen
Dimensions | 65" x 98"; 65" X 118"
Care | Wash at up to 60 degrees on a regular cycle (avoid β€œeco” or longer cycles). Never soak for longer than 10 minutes and avoid using Vanish and other whitening products. Tumble dry at 70 degrees for a soft effect, and 90 degrees for a more crushed finish. We don't recommend ironing the full cloth in order to keep the linen’s lovely crumpled texture intact, but we do like to iron the edges to give it a sharper edge.

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Herb Linen Tablecloth


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