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      home decor, beautiful entryway, blue door, greenery, woman entering house 

      Melissa and Kiki met when their now high schoolers were 5. Kiki, an interior designer and Melissa, a small business owner, became fast friends and spoke often of collaboration. With a mutual love of beautiful things and unique finds, they began their first business, Curated in 2017.

      Kiki did a lot of the sourcing, working with artists across the globe to make special things that supported their community of workers, often women working hard to earn a wage.

      Melissa ran the business side of things, drawing attention to the beautiful collections and the stories of the artists through social media and pop up shops. 

      While we have migrated from the Curated days of pop up shops, our online store is filled with many unique and custom finds we have had made just for us. 

      Our Shelfie Box concept was born from our clients’ desire to have help putting a small collection together to display on a shelf, bedside or coffee table. What has resulted is what we think is a wonderful gift for anyone, including a lovely little indulgence for yourself.

      To reach our now broad audience, these are available online only. The Shelfie choices will change from time to time; so check back often to see our newest pieces.

      We honor all of our artists through sharing their stories on our site. We hope you enjoy their work as much as we do.

      Come shop with us!

      835 Main St
      Osterville, MA 

      200 Linden St
      Wellesley, MA 02482